This is what Landmark BMX is all about. Enabling riders to plan trips, filming projects and make the most out of every session.

This is what Landmark BMX is all about. Enabling riders to plan trips, filming projects and make the most out of every session.


We started Landmark BMX so that this site can serve as a guidepost for riders like us. Riders that travel, explore and seek out new and legendary spots to stamp their name on a spot. Our intention is to make a travel resource for riders to make the most out of their BMX trips. With what little time we have to visit new cities, explore spots, and create the content we want to make a new need has emerged.

When we build a new bike, find a new band or a new spot to ride these moments in time stick out to us like landmarks. Our crew is all about documenting those experiences and keeping track of these landmarks both in space and time. People walk past these world famous BMX landmarks and they mean nothing to them, but because of the stories, clip battles and bangers dropped at these locations they mean everything to us.


  1. A website built by seasoned BMX riders for BMX riders that want to make the most of every session in their city or when visiting somewhere new

  2. A place where riders can submit their local spots to their city map

  3. A guide for visitors to check prior to heading out to a new city on a trip


  1. A big company trying to buy the BMX community's attention

  2. A group of riders with the intention of blowing out spots

  3. A blog that will blow up your FB/IG feeds with content all about the hottest spots in BMX

We all know we can't turn off the urge to check out what's behind one more corner 'just to see if somethings there' or that feeling we get when we roll up on a new spot and imagine using it to the fullest. This is the place where riders can share the better known spots in their area they take visitors to. The 'have to hit' spots people coming to ride in your city have to check off their list before heading home. 


Here's the thing; the digitized world has flattened the playing field for what makes riders popular or even get sponsored. So if there are dozens of local riders out there that are absolutely killing it but get no press at all, there are photographers and filmmakers in everyone's pockets every single time they go ride, then what's going to be the most important aspect of riding BMX in the coming future? We believe its our experience exploring new cities, shooting new photos at new spots and putting in the work to make a new edit or full length DVD. Our vision is to share BMX content sorted by geography and not by the rider, brand or crew. We think that spots matter most and the ones that have gone down in history thus far are landmarks to riders like us. Landmark BMX is a home base where riders can check out historic BMX landmarks and spots in other cities. The whole point is to enable us to plan trips and for locals to plan better sessions. There's nothing worse than going out on a trip and feeling like you've missed a seriously trip altering spot. There are a handful of maps out there to local spots, but none of them are taking to the level we're heading towards. We intend to be the most helpful site for riders that make plans for trips, sessions and filming projects.