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Features Overview

BMX means something different to everyone. We think that BMX means traveling with friends to new spots, meeting new riders and trying to push our creative use of a spot. Imagine being a local in every city you visit with your friends. Our mission is to build a resource for riders to check prior to going on a trip or planning a video project. Instead of just wandering through the city hoping to find spots what if you could plan your sessions each day to make the most out of your trip? The landmark BMX app is what will enable the BMX travel culture to thrive through maps of our spots, our landmarks and our stories of trips that make BMX what it is. Go see BMX landmarks, plan a session with your friends and go explore new spots to keep the culture alive. #OURLANDMARKS



If you come across a historical BMX landmark you can mark the spot as a landmark and link to either an image or a YouTube link with the minutes:seconds mark to show the rest of the BMX community what happened at that spot. Like being able to go see Jimmy Levan's church gap in Austin you can 'stake' a landmark flag in your map. Then, other riders can add their own comments, covers from magazines or more video links from that spot. The end result will be a timeline of events that happened at that spot to last forever.



The first thing the app will do is enable riders to start their own map and make it public or private. When you're riding down the street and you see a spot you'll be able to drop a pin on that map, add a photo and details for you to either share with everyone, just a few riders or keep on ice.



In today's world where time is our most important asset we have to use every second to the max. To do so we can't just show up to a new city and 'hope we find something to ride' anymore. With the Landmark BMX website and app you can now start exploring your destinations, chat with the locals there and literally see the spots before you go. Then, when you and your crew get there you can hit the spots you want, explore for new ones and have a much more fulfilling trip than you would if you just went in blind.



If you travel all the way to a legendary spot just to see what it looked like to stare down the same rail as your favorite pro, or to dial in a sacred trail spot you've been watching in videos for years - we want to see those stories. There's nothing more satisfying on a trip than to go see the hallowed ground where a pro dropped a historical hammer. When you click on a spot, add a post and say something about your trip to that spot.


The goal is to build this out over the course of 5 years ultimately ending in a place online where you can get to your maps from desktop, tablet or mobile and have more productive sessions, more memorable trips with your friends and enable the real BMX culture to thrive.


The stories on Landmark BMX are all about travel and discovering new places to ride with new friends. If you travel across the world to see a spot you've always wanted to see in real life - we want to follow along with you. The ups, the downs and all the bumps in between are what make BMX culture what it is.