Chad Treanor

Make the most of every session

Chad Treanor
Make the most of every session

This is the start of something new. A new way to look at how BMX riders connect, share stories, plan trips and most importantly make the most out of every session.


We live in a different time today... The days of there being a handful of BMX professionals turned into roughly 6-8 pro teams from rider owned companies but now - there are riders across the globe that are absolutely killing it and with little to know representation online. 


What does this mean?

It means that what is important to the global BMX scene is shifting away from the holy grail of getting sponsored to something more to the core of what BMX riding grew up to be. At LandmarkBMX we believe the most important part of BMX is the TIME, PLACE and OCCASION of the way we live, think and why we ride BMX.


In today's 21st century world we never have enough. There's always another tweet, YouTube video or social media channel to keep up with. We don't have time to go visit a city and just " hope we get to ride some good spots" anymore. We have to look before we leap or go visit someone that knows all the good spots to ride.


Where we ride impacts how we ride. There's no way around the fact that the spot defines how we ride and its up to our imagination to use the spot to the deepest creative ability in order to make use of every feature of the spot.


Whether its a trip to visit friends in a near by city or packing up for a trip across the planet, these photos, videos and memories become solid landmarks in our lives that we'll never forget. 


So its with great pleasure we launch a new place online for the stories that are all about our time in BMX together here at We look forward to seeing this new project grow organically over the years together within the BMX community. See you in the streets.