the houston scene mixtape


With the start of the new year we're stoked to announce we're kicking off a Houston BMX scene mixtape

This year we have a clear heading and we're happy to share that production on a full length Houston scene mixtape is already under way. There is a vibe going through the Houston scene right now that we're in the 4th largest city in the United States and our scene is full of talented riders that are not getting enough exposure.

People like Emmet Bonner of the BonDudes is keeping us 100 on our bikes and giving us a physical space to meet up, dial in our bikes and help connect the scene together.

We now have the chance to ride at Southside skatepark - an unheard of opportunity for anyone that has ridden BMX in Houston for the past 15 years.

Places like Hilltop BMX ranch are giving racers and trail riders the gnarliest of places to practice and shred really big dirt jumps.

Riders from all over the city are absolutely killing it right now and we want to put together a video project that showcases our crews and what they're up to on the daily.

I'm putting a camera in the hands of Jeff Dustin and Dylan Mccauley in addition to Nathan Lim, Emmet Bonner and myself. We're going to be filming from now until it starts to wind down for the holidays of 2017 working towards a full length, 30 minute video. We want to show our riders, our spots and our friends killing it out in the streets that span this enormous city. The specifics are still being worked out, but we have everything we need to make this mixtape a reality and we can't hold back any more. Its time to start stacking clips for a video project.

We hope you'll want to submit clips as well as film with us so we've set up a dropbox folder where riders will be able to send us an email at and we'll send you the upload link for you to submit clips.