Sunday Street Rides recap

Thank you Houston BMX.

We started out by doing bike nights at Burnett Bayland followed by riding street afterwards. As we did more of these events our rides transitioned solely to hitting the streets in different parts of the Houston areas to try to get more riders together to film clips for the Houston Mixtape. We've been riding the streets of Bellaire, Gulfton, the Galleria, downtown, mid-town, League city, EADO and the list goes on. 

The 2017 mixtape is one of the reasons we're getting everyone together, but truthfully that's more of a result of a much greater cause: BRING THE HOUSTON SCENE TOGETHER. Our mixtape is going to represent a time and place where we all got together, cruised the streets and hopefully pushed each other's riding and had super good time doing it. 

Naton came through with an edit of mostly the dudes cruising around and the wildness seen by everyone on the ride. The banger clips are going into the mixtape, of course, but that doesn't mean that you guys should have to wait until the premiere to see some of the great times had by everyone riding together.

So stoked to see so many Houston BMX riders coming together to ride some great spots. Trust us when we say, if you were there, you saw some bangers go down and everyone going nuts for the guys that were sending it. Can't wait to add those clips to the video cause they show that the Houston scene deserves more eyes on what we're doing down here.

Take one look at these photos from Kirby Crumpler and try not to get stoked. There is no denying that the Houston scene deserves more eyes on what's been building up down here. Big thanks to Kirby for supporting the scene and shooting some seriously dope photos of what went down.

September 10th, 2017

October 1st, 2017

When we get this many riders from the scene together we feel like we owe it to the scene to make sure we'll have at least one photographer out there getting photos of madness, shredding and good times with fellow riders and luckily for everyone we had two talented guys out there. If you don't know who Chad McClain is you're messing up. This dude has been involved in the Houston scene for a long time now and I'm super stoked he's been coming out. He and I both have families now and if you don't know how hard it is to get out to ride with the homies and shoot photos for everyone you need to go up and say thanks to this dude. Go check out his site here for more Houston scene coverage.


Lastly, before we kickoff the weekend with the Halloween jam coming up Sunday (the 22nd @ 4200 Harrisburg) I wanted to share a little mini-edit of the photos I'd received from Kirby on both rides. Nothing fancy, but wanted to show the Houston scene some love for putting in work, making time to come out to ride at the jams and send it for the mixtape. Til next time dudes - Chad Treanor