Starting 2018 off right!

2018 is here so let's get it going!

Quick Update

The Sunday street rides continue as we're still stacking clips for the mixtape as well as hitting the editing as hard and fast as we can. Dylan's been out of town but Drew (Beerparty), Drew K, Naton & Jeff have been holding it down while I (Chad) have been away dealing with work and family business.

Sunday Street Ride on January 7th, 2018

Now that things are churning and getting moving for the new year I wanted to share some photos Kirby snapped while on the Sunday street ride from January 7th for those who were able to make it. Even though we're pretty much wrapped on all the street riding clips for the Mixtape we're going to continue doing the street rides because they're seriously fun. Plus we need to keep the scene alive by getting everyone together in new and different areas. SO, get in where you fit in fellas!

Photos by Kirby Crumpler

North Houston Bike Park

The latest I've heard is that the Grindline dudes will be pouring concrete for the bowls and plazas at the bike park this month and we'll be doing our best to keep covering the progress. I've been in touch with the construction team to get footage/photos at each milestone coming up so we're going to start seeing a lot of progress as they near completion of the park.

Til next time dudes - Chad Treanor