2017 Halloween Jam

Photos: Chad McClain & Kirby Crumpler | Video by Naton/Chad

2017 has been a busy year for the Houston scene and as we near the time to set our clocks back an hour again it looks like everyone that came out to the 2017 Halloween jam got rad on one of Houston's most dialed DIY spots out on the east side. Take a minute to check out some of the chill and nutty vibes at the Landmark BMX 2017 Halloween jam and stay tuned for the 2017 mixtape to see the super dialed clips everyone got at the jam.

Enormous thanks to:
The Sponsors at Fletcher Bikes Studio and Madera for hooking up the prizes

Chad McClain, Kirby Crumpler and Naton for photos and videos

Drew Graves and Dylan McCauley for all their effort putting the whole jam together, building the long jump kicker and leading the street ride afterwards.


Chad McClain's photos

Kirby Crumpler's Photos