dylan mccauley mutiny / madera edit

Its been five full months almost of filming and stacking clips and editing but it's finally released. When you start a filming project there's nothing but excitement to get to work. Like most things in life it starts fun, has a lot of work in the middle grinding it out and pushing past what's easy to come away with something great and then comes the payoff. Here's a little behind the scenes of the work that went into the edit.

Wash the grease off your hands, grab a coffee or read this in the crapper and take a trip down behind the scenes lane.


Its hard enough to focus on tricks, security and timing out getting a clip just right. Its also distracting when a jeep full of woo girls come flying by throwing candy at you. I don't know how we ended up at that spot at that specific time but we worked through the 95 degree heat and distractions to try to get this switch up rail to 180 and then regular pegs to 180 nollie cab off the curb.


Ultimately though, after several more weeks of filming clips Dylan and I found our pacing of working together and ended up getting clips that felt like they fit better. The cutting room floor claims another but maybe we can breathe some life into it by sharing it here. 



Nestled on the east side of Houston is a good landmark unmatched by any other restaurant in the city: Ninfas on Navigation. It's a Tex mex restaurant that has been around for a very long time. Over the years I've sent many Htown visitors here but up until recently it was never related to BMX. Recently though the east side has been 'going through some changes' and getting gentrified and with that change comes a remodel of the center median of Navigation blvd. There are several plaza benches and guardrail combos and we only scratched the surface. Now, with great spot comes great responsibility. This is a medium to high bust spot and the lighting in the video should indicate that we went there early in the morning around 9:30am.


The one thing about this spot, not that it is already a medium to high bust, but there are billions of acorns all over these plazas. If you can find a street broom then great, but we had to use a couple pieces of newspapers we found to try to sweep them up. After nearly half an hour of work we got to a point where we felt like we could get to work. Skating a fish line was out of the question, but we could still get creative in the coverage of the spot and the tricks. Dylan was so hyped after watching the clip of the nose, tooth 180 because of the 'street dogs' that walked by at the beginning of the shot in the background. Oddly enough those were the same two dogs we saw later in the day where he did that monster icepick all the way across that loading dock ledge. It's a small hood after all. After all was said and done we rode back towards Ninfas, grabbed a couple margaritas and called it a day. Didn't get kicked out. Had an awesome session. Stacked clips.

Filming Day 9

Somewhere tucked away in Houston there are abandoned corporate campuses. Who knows how long these microcosm has been here but all signs pointed to being completely abandoned. We checked it out at a few different times and then one morning after coffee, of course, it just felt right and we said 'I feel like hopping a fence today.' We went straight to work first and then cruised around the campus for a while and then headed out with time to spare for the rest of our afternoon. There's something super satisfying about hunting, scouting, putting in the work and then dipping out. 



Big shouts out to Mutiny Bikes, Madera, The Bondudes and RideBMX