it is what you make it

I've been reading Dig since Issue #1 and I believe its called "DIG" because it could mean that everything in BMX is what you make it. Much like the way that trails are built according to the vision of the trail builder. A musician calls their music what they call it. We call what we do BMX, but it could be called anything we want it to be. It is what we make it.  


For 24 years I've ridden BMX for a lot of reasons. For competition; for release of teenage energy; for freedom of riding wherever my mind took me; to explore a new city. The list goes on. Riders today have a huge opportunity to make BMX what they see it as in their minds. If you see it as a sport then BMX probably looks like events that are contest or jam format. If you see BMX as more of a lifestyle then you're probably out documenting the day to day lives of the riders in your area. If you think that BMX is a form of expression then you likely don't pay too close attention to the industry and care more about the way you ride and what it means to you. In this connected world it has never been easier to put out your own unique perspective and that's one of the main reasons why I started Landmark BMX. There are almost 7 Billion unique perspectives on this planet, but only one reality. 

The GT air show in 1996 changed the way I saw what BMX could be from only racing to freedom of expression. Ruben Castillo & The Gute were there showing a whole next generation of what could be doctors, lawyers, construction workers or school teachers what was possible. I chose to ride BMX and express my creativity with photography and filmmaking.


It's funny how things time out and often times more so with whom. I met Will Bruce right before he moved from Houston to Denver. He and his wife we're literally packed up and ready to drive away the next day when Will and I went to these enormous pyramids just a minute or two North of downtown. The truth is that in the fourth largest city in the United States Will and I have very likely ridden together on numerous occasions, but we'd never shook hands. He was seeking one last good session around town before moving and I was hoping to capture some of Will's vibe on and off his bike. The dude literally kills it on everything and I wasn't ready for that. I had to tilt the camera up higher, pedal faster to follow fish lines and keep a look out for where he was coming from next. 

We showed up at this spot sight unseen and were in for a real treat. There was no one there, middle of the day and after a little street brooming off a few lines we had a short and sweet session without any flats. I was most excited to see what Will's unique vision saw possible at this spot compared to mine. In my mind, I saw bank to bank combos, bank to manual to ledge combos and of course table top over the hip. Will on the other hand kept taking a few runs in between the pyramids and looking at something. I wasn't really sure what he saw, but when I sat down, opened the camera app he blasted an enormous wall ride on the overpass pillar. Something I knew was there, but just didn't see as possible on such a sketchy line. He blasted it a few more times and jibbed some barspins. Eventually, we had to dip out so he could take care of getting ready for his move the following day and I had to pick up the kiddo from school, but I couldn't think of a better sendoff than a chill session exploring new spots together. 

Will Bruce, making it what he thinks it is. Til we meet again Will - happy trails up in Denver dude.

Will Bruce, making it what he thinks it is. Til we meet again Will - happy trails up in Denver dude.

The way we see it at Landmark is we just so happen to all see the world similarly in our non stop hunt for spots to express our creativity on and off our bikes. Our spots have the same possibility - there is one reality of the spot, but every rider will see it differently and express their creativity their own way at the spot. When we roll up on a new spot our imagination takes off with ideas of 'what's possible here?' and that leads riders like us to think that all of BMX can be what you make it. So through photography, riding, filming, writing and putting on events you can have your say in how the next chapters of BMX unfold. We hope you make the most of it.

See you in the streets.