Sharing the Scene

Words: Drew Graves Video: MattPstreetG

BMX means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but for Matt (@Mattpstreetg) it is everything. Matt embraces and lives that “bike life” every single day. For work, for fun, for Instagram, and for the Florida BMX scene; he is always on his bike. This guy kills it and he’s got one goal; making an edit in every state / major city in the USA. He recently visited Houston and in between dodging rain and ostrich races, he rode his BMX like a mad man. Matt’s style is full throttle, go hard, and don’t stop until you can’t ride anymore. Just Shred! Two years ago I met Matt at the 2015 Sparky’s Jam in Florida. He definitely stood out then and has kept progressing since I last saw him.


I met up with Matt & Walley (his host for the weekend) in downtown Houston, and we proceeded to try and hit up as many iconic Houston spots as we could manage in one day. Over a ten hour period, we experienced our fare share of flat tires, pizza, and goofing around. In the end, Matt put together a solid edit and made some good memories. 


Check out his edit