BMX Bonds - Volume 1

BMX BONDS words by Jeff Dustin Photos by Jeff & Chad

"I don't have friends every where like you." A close friends response to my question of "why don't you travel more?" This is the most common answer I get when I pose this question to a friend, family member or stranger. So why do we have friends everywhere? Or why are we able as a community to connect with one another unlike many other sports or hobbies? Our bmx bonds. 

Traveling is the best way to meet new homies and catch up with old ones.

Traveling is the best way to meet new homies and catch up with old ones.


Traveling is something every bike rider loves to do or wants to do. The constant pursuit of the next best skatepark or the infamous spot we've seen in countless videos. Without my bike, I wouldn't have been to half the places I've traveled to or met most of my close friends. We all share the common bond of bmx, the bond that forms in instant connection with a stranger. 


It's a very unfamiliar concept for people of normal society to understand. Even after all these years my mom is perplexed by the amount of places I've been to and the people I've met just because of a bike. Still to this day every time I ship off to the next location or meet a new rider in Houston, she along with most parents propose the idea of meeting a stranger is dangerous. Which it is but we've all met that new rider that we instantly form a bond with and unknowingly trust because of our share interest. 

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These stories are what create our bmx bonds. The times when we just start pedaling around or move to a new city or shoot a DM to a random rider because you're in their city.  Meet up, do the intro and start riding. Bmx is not only a hobby but apart of us. It has helped shape our perspective on this world from how we look at everything to how we meet new people. This a bond all riders can share to instantly form a relationship with a fellow rider. 


Bmx bonds will be a monthly look at the friendships and memories we've made because of our bikes. From pedaling your hometown to traveling across the country. These are the stories, the bonds that unite us as bike riders and a culture that appreciates the world more than the world appreciates us.

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