2017 Houston Mixtape Trailer

The first 2017 Houston Mixtape trailer is out now!

2017 marks the first year the Houston BMX scene has come together like never before to showcase the growing scene down in Htown. Primarily filmed by Dylan McCauley getting out in the streets everyday and supported by a budding scene of multiple groups of riders and filmers from across the 70 mile wide concrete jungle this video will mark the change of an era in the 4th largest city in the US.

Featuring Riding from:
Brian Peters
Dylan McCauley
Hunter Andrews
Jeff Dustin
Jerson Venegas
Fernando Luna
Adam Christian Garcia
John Cobb
AJ Carvalho
Brian Burrell
Quincy Anderson
Emmett Bonner
Regan McKee
Drew Kukura
Mike Cook
Mark Kusick
Drew Graves
Dylan Wright
And many many more...

Directed & Edited by Chad Treanor
Produced & Filmed by Dylan McCauley

Additional filming:
Nathan Lim
Drew Kukura
Jeff Dustin
Drew Graves
Chad Mcclain