B-street Hill Bomb in San Diego

It always happens like this. I'll be driving down the road and then a fence will look familiar. I've never driven down this road before, but then a building or a house will catch my eye. Then, I look around and realize I'm standing at a world renowned spot where lots of dudes on bikes have had a blast mobbing down hill and blasting off flat spot that reads "STOP."

I took the family on a short summer vacation to CA and as we were driving to the Air BnB we came upon the B-street hill bomb. I was blown away with how big it is and just how fast you could go. Immediately I remembered Hoder's IG post where he blasted past that minivan like a bat out of hell with no brakes. Totally nuts, but so rad. Coordinates: B-street & 21st

After we'd made our way around this humongous landmark (not without blasting up the hill in the rental car only to make the front wheels shoot out with an enormous "CLUNK" which my 5 year old thought was hilarious. My wife, not so much) we twisted and turned through the neighborhood to find our air bnb. Once we got there I couldn't help but notice this amazing curved bank at the dead end of a road where it was too steep to make the road pass through. It looks super DIY and almost homemade but with a little pick up of the front wheel over a super short curb this little gem would be a super fun session. Coordinates: Hawthorn & Granada

b-street and hawthorne map.jpg