Cruising for spots with Drew Kukura

A few weeks ago Drew Kukura asked if I’d help him cut together some clips for a new solo video of all the extra clips that didn’t make it in to the Houston Mixtape but were also too good to just put up on instagram. After I saw his clips he was saving I knew he was right and when he told me about his additional b-roll ideas I was hooked. Here’s a little bit about our day of filming b-roll and hunting for spots.

Classic pop & underground icons mural at Numbers on Westheimer. Some of Drew’s favorites up here.

Classic pop & underground icons mural at Numbers on Westheimer. Some of Drew’s favorites up here.

If you don’t know who Drew Kukura is he’s a rider from Clear Lake that has a super unique style. With four piece bars, no brakes and no pegs he uses his way of thinking that he tags “architectural cycling” to show his perspective on what makes BMX so much fun. One of my favorite things about Drew’s riding style is that when you watch him you get a very youthful vibe. Like he’s just pedaling his ass off, cutting through industrial zones and finding spots he can ride his way. You have to respect a rider that ditches trends for what they believe in.


The middle of the day we got all his clips on my hard drive, finished up our pizza and decided to just go to the east side to see what would come out of it. With rain clouds looming we drove through the east side doing what I call “head spinning” as you drive through an area you’re going to ride. Then, we found our spot to post up and get out and start pedaling.  

We rolled through a few blocks of the east side and found a couple little jibs. The went from getting specific shots to just cruising around. One thing that surprised me was that Drew says he usually sprints between spots. So, needless to say, Drew doesn’t exactly ‘cruise’ for spots. He hauls ass from spot to spot. Keeping up while filming one handed was tougher than I’d thought but like most sessions you kind of get a feel for what’s going on and then adapt which means I had to pedal my ass off with a camera in one hand which definitely made me miss my brakes a few times. We would hit a jib on one side of the street then sprint for a second and then hit another jib. I couldn’t get over why I was getting so stoked and it was because we didn’t set out to do anything besides having fun. Letting go of the social media addiction, the FOMO, the status of what you’re doing on your bike and literally everything felt so good because when I was hauling ass on my bike and I literally forgot about everything for a brief moment. S/o to Drew for stoking me out without even knowing it.

Til next time dudes. See you in the streets.