Austin Brunger bike check

Words & photos by Kirby Crumpler

Austin is a coffee drinking and car loving mechanical engineering technology student at Texas State University with a BMX addiction. He’s got a super smooth riding style that makes you just want to sit back and watch. And he’s got a Mutiny Bike Co. and Odyssey BMX build that’s just as impressive.

Frame: 21.3” Mutiny Death Grip Frame

Bars: Mutiny Death Grip Bars

Grips: Broc Raiford Signature Grips

Stem: Odyssey CFL2 Stem

Headset: Odyssey Pro Headset

Forks: Mutiny Short Wand Forks

Seat: Mutiny Hesh’d Stealth Seat & Mutiny Pivotal seat post

Chain: Odyssey Hollow Key Chain

Sprocket: Odyssey 30t Fang Sprocket

Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero Pro Front Hub

Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch v2 Rear Hub

Rims: Odyssey Litehouse Rims

Tires: Odyssey Path Pro Tires (2.40” and 2.25”)

Pegs: 4.75” Odyssey Graduate Pegs 


Go check out Austin’s setup on Mutiny’s website here.

Go watch Dylan Wright’s 2018 video “Nah Yea” and you’ll find some of Austin’s street clips in there that are a couple of Austin landmarks and then The 2017 Mutiny Mixtape below.