Josh Gordon's Bike Check

Words & Photos - Chad Treanor


Josh has been riding since 1996 and he just built up a new Credence CCR and it is definitely a super dialed whip. He lives in Austin Texas, is a super talented bike mechanic and travel seeker with a passion for photography. Here's his steezy trails style build from top to bottom. #LandmarkBuilds

I've known Josh for what feels like as long as I can remember. We grew up riding together and we'd frequently make the five mile ride to the 'dead end trails' in Katy Texas to ride all day only to turn around and ride the five miles back after taking as many laps as we could. He's always had a super smooth trail style even when he went through his "Nyquist" phase of knee pads, suicide no handers and tons of barspin combos. Here's to another 'old school' rider that still loves the knobby hobby of BMX.

Credence CCR frame - 21"

FlyBikes Tierra Grande fork

S&M Enduro stem

Terrible One 8.85" h-bar

Terrible One Joe Rich grips

Revenge Industries brakes

Odyssey medium lever 

Profile cranks 180mm

Terrible One Logans Run 30t sprocket

FlyBikes plastic pedals

Profile mini rear hub w/ Ti 9t driver

FlyBikes front hub

FlyBikes cross laced rims

FlyBikes Rampera tires

Odyssey Convertible pivotal seat post

Verde Woodgrain saddle (only a few were made)