Jeff Dustin bike check

Words Chad Treanor & photos by Kirby Crumpler

This bike check sort of fell under the couch for a while and with the start of the new year picking up really slowly I figured we shouldn’t forget about it. The photos are from the halloween jam we had at Burgside last year by our trusted photographer Kirby. Shouts out to both of those dudes for their time and energy towards this bike check.

For Jeff Dustin Boston is home, but for the time being we get to see his goofy mug at jams, street sessions and anywhere there’s a Pats game on. This dude brings so much life to the crew and we couldn’t be more stoked that he’s picked up the old Bcave crew camera and is going to start filming a lot more so if you have a clip you need he’s got you.

Frame: Sunday Soundwave 21”

Forks: Odyssey R32

Bars: Sunday Jackal Bars

Stem: Merritt MK2

Grips: Sunday

Headset: Sunday


Post: Merritt

Clamp: Sunday

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts

Sprocket: Merritt Chris Childs 30 tooth

Pedals: Merritt

Chain: Merritt 


Front- DK Orbital

Rear: Sunday Thunder


Front- DK Alpha

Rear- Sunday Freecoster

Tires: Fly Reuben 2.35

Jeff doing his thang at Burgside.

Jeff doing his thang at Burgside.

It’s all about the nose dive.

It’s all about the nose dive.