Nov '17 NHBP Update

By Chad Treanor

In mid-November 2017 Desmond Startin, Neil Harrington and Hector Garcia went to a parks and recreation status update meeting and filled me in on what's going on with the North Houston Bike Park and the construction schedule. Here are the headline updates about the park:


  1. Neil spoke very highly of Kyle Bennet and the park stakeholders are going to commission a work of art to memorialize him by the race track
  2. Definitely making progress on the construction of the park - plumbing, drainage, electrical utilities are near completion
  3. Parking lots are completed
  4. You can see a rough outline of where all the various parts of the park are beginning to shape up
  5. Policies that are still being discussed are specifics like whether or not dogs will be allowed, what types of bikes or scooters will be permitted in the park
  6. Tentative completion date is "late December"
171103 NHBP update_north lot looking west.jpg
171103 NHBP update_looking north.jpg

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more updates as the construction really starts to ramp up and we’ll be able to start seeing this Mecca of a BMX park take form.