Spot Less

Losing a spot is like getting kicked in the nuts.

If you ride BMX long enough you have to go through this loss at some point. The feeling you get after calling friends, making plans, gearing up, heading out, pull up to the spot only to find complete and total destruction. Losing spots sucks. After riding BMX for nearly 25 years I've seen my fair share of spot deaths across Texas. Houston Skatepark, Vans Skatepark Houston, Dex skatepark, Dirtwood, The Dead End Trails, VFW trails in Katy, Mason Road trails, The original Jones plaza ledges, Shell building tranny walls, various DIY builds. Dallas spots, Houston spots, Austin spots, little town spots.

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for spots goes down to zero. Here's a few spots that have come and gone in the Houston area over the course of about fifteen years.

Shell building tranny walls 1980ish-2007ish

Tony Sanchez old shell tranny wall shred.PNG

The Exxon building in downtown had the most gnarly 2.5 foot transition surrounding the entire entrance to the building. This was such an iconic Houston spot from the early 90's until they tore it all down around 2007ish.


Here, none other than the Nacagdoches born and raised ripper Tony Sanchez makes good use of the fire riser connections to show just how high he could boost those tranny walls. I met Tony around 1999 and though I wasn't here for this session I can tell you it was rad. This time period was all about short bars, no brakes and 35 pound bikes so I give mad props to Tony for being able to get this high on those tranny walls.

RIP Exxon building trannys.


Rice University rails 1980ISH-2017

These rails have been seen in Props MegaTour 3 back in 2004, Mutiny's 2017 mixtape and many more. These rails we're seriously such a great place to ride and film. 


This spot has been a staple for a really long time in the Houston scene. It was a bust but if you got a clip there it meant so much more because it was not only the biggest out ledge in all of Houston, but hard to time out. This hit & run spot has seen many visitors over the years, but in 2017 we bid farewell to yet another rad spot. Here are some photos from Dylan's hunt when he first moved here and Desmond Startin's shot of it being torn down. 

Even though spots come and go our adventure to keep looking for new and fun stuff to ride will never end. Send us an email if you've found some good spots that we can add to the Houston map and keep on spot hunting. #OurLandmarks