Lets build this together

The whole point of this site is to unite the riders that think the spots (we the BMX community put meaning into) are the most important part of our unique sub-culture. If you're the kind of rider that likes to host out of towners, make spot maps or traveling then we invite you to make a map of your area and send it to us. Tutorials on how to contribute are down at the bottom of this page to get started. Lets build this together.

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WHAT THIS PROJECT IS DEFINITELY NOT ABOUT IS BLOWING OUT SPOTS. Its about travel, exploring and pushing ourselves doing what we love the most.

This is for the riders that 'drive' down the streets on google maps before visiting a city. The riders that plan the trips. The riders that connect with locals in a city they're planning a trip to visit before leaving. The riders that lurk down alleys and go around one more corner to see what's there. That's who we're building this for.

We're building a home base for the riders like us to keep our stories, our maps and our spots all in one place so what we're asking for is (royalty free) contributions of images and coordinates to spots, trip stories and your effort to make this a valuable resource to check before a trip or a session with the homies.

LANDMARK BMX EXISTS SO RIDERS can plan trips to new cities with a good starting point to ride known landmarks before exploring on their own. 

So, if you know there was a banger from a video in your city that you know the true BMX locals would send a visitor please send us a pic of that landmark and what happened there. We're looking forward to seeing what landmarks we've made as a community fill these maps. 


We're always looking for people to help out and make our vision a reality. We're seeking tech savvy riders that want to shoot and edit photos/videos. Cartographers who know the Google maps platform will always be in high demand at the Landmark BMX project. 

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